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100% Safe

We know what it takes to remain anonymous from both the eyes of Google and your competitors!

Fast And Long Term Results

Most of our clients are reporting increase in rankings after just 8 to 10 days! You have complete control over the quality of your own PBN!

Experienced Developers

We have In house Developers with years of experience ready to build your next PBN Project.

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The Only Sustainable SEO Solution

Your own PBN will never collapse because you only promote your own site with it! PBN link sellers often oversell and compromise on quality to maximize their profits

Your traffic will only go UP with your own PBN for that reason!

Your own 100 site PBN is not only stronger but a lot more stable in the long term compared to just 100 PBN links you buy.

For these reasons, your own PBN is a highly sustainable long term SEO Solution and we are masters at both domains and setup quality.

Premium Designs

Premium Looking WordPress site which are exactly same as any normal website. We use all licensed themes & plugins.

Secured Hosting

All sites are hosted on highly secured servers with unique IPs. We have several security measures to minimize security risks.

Premium Domains

Clean Drop catched / Expired Domains with high Quality Domains with No spam Whatsoever.

Quality Content

Multiple articles & pages with high quality unique content curated for pbns.

Onpage Optimization

We take care of your pbns as any normal website, Each website has internal linking, images on each post, permalinks

Zero Footprints

We take care of each and every small details while building a pbn, Each of these sites are unique in every way.

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Flexible Pricing Packages

We have Customisable Packages for small to big seo agencies.

PBN Builds
PBN Builds


For 10 Basic Builds

  • Unique Free Themes
  • All Necessary Pages
  • Custom Made logo
  • Unique Sidebar
  • Random Settings
  • 3x500 words article
  • 301 Redirection*
PBN Hosting
PBN Hosting


Per site Month

  • Unique C Class IPs
  • Regular Backups
  • Robust Infrastructure
  • Scalable Storage.
  • Scalable Bandwidth
  • Highly Secured
  • Guaranteed Uptime
PBN Maintenance
PBN Maintenance


100 sites Maintenance

  • Theme updates *
  • Update plugins *
  • Update WP Core *
  • Fix broken images
  • Fix broken design layouts.
  • Fix broken menu items
  • Uptime Monitoring
PBNs Built
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Work with a Dedicated
PBN Company

You own it !

When you 100% own a PBN , Effects of PBN is not watered down with several others, PBN Delivers Link juice to only your Money Site. 

Guaranteed Quality

When you buy a link from public networks, you don't know who's your neighbour, Incase your money site is linked with porn,prescription meds indirectly, your money site would suffer.

It Makes financial sense.

When you own a network you have ultimate power to do whatever you want. you can even sell links to cut down your operation cost.


Your Network is hidden & 100% in your control. So, it's not easy to shutdown unlike any public networks

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